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06 October 2013


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The player doesn't have a volume control (as far as I can see)and is quite loud, I have to turn my computer down to almost muted. The link is preferable.

N Gibney

Links have always worked fine for me over here in London.

Todd Goldberg

Enjoying the series, a few general observations: Looking at my favorite reference source Wikipedia, there are many many different revolutions over the course of history that might deserve discussion. Hopefully you will include England's "Glorious Revolution" in this or a subsequent series, the Russian Revolution, and the American Revolution of course. Would the "Reagan Revolution" count or does it have to be a war and/or regime change? Not sure which others would be of most interest to you and your audience. You don't necessarily have to stick to 12 episodes per Revolution as I think you said at the outset. Some might deserve more, some less.


I've been using the player, but if the link is easier for you I won't mind using it.


I get the episodes through iTunes so I don't use either the link or the player. Another great episode, by the way! I'm enjoying learning about something that I had absolutely zero knowledge of prior to this series.

Ian T.

The player is alright but the link per THOR format was great. Thanks for the great podcast Mike!


+1 for using podcast app on my phone.

+10 for educating us all!!



I have been using the player, but it's high time I just subscribe on ITunes. Thanks for your work, Mike!


Hi Mike,
The new fangled player has no volume control, (or at least not in my browser) whereas the link does, very useful for different devices.
Thanks for this & Rome, (which I'm listening to for at least the 10th time).


Hi Mike,
Enjoying the new venture. I always download the mp3 to my PC anyway, add it to iTunes and listen to it on my iPod.
Q: Why not just subscribe to the podcast?
A: Because if I come across others who are interested in the series I can easily burn the lot to CD/DVD (including images) and give it to them. I've given away a number of DVDs with the complete THoR on it (a little over 2GB) in that way.



Mike, did I miss it, or have you not even mentioned Oliver Cromwell yet?

New Podcast is tremendous, great to have you back.


Wonderful podcast. I've been using the player in the past (it seems to load faster on my computer than the direct link), but as this is a free product it would be bad form to complain about the method of delivery. I'll listen on regardless.

Aaron Casa-Grande

Hey man, just want to say that I downloaded your Rome podcast about six months ago, and it was the only reason I could handle travelling to work every day. Really helped me out, so thank you very much. :)

Also, I've been using the new player, but I can deal with the link as well, so no worries.

Aaron Casa-Grande

Uhhh also, I'm pretty biased, but I'd love it if you eventually got around to the Glyndwr Rising someday.


Mike, I'm terribly excited about the new podcast. This is a great topic around which to build a series. Revolutions have come in all shapes and sizes over time and, besides the obvious commonality of attempting to alter political systems I'm not sure there's a lot of commonality. I'm hoping as you move on to other revolutions that there's a show comparing and contrasting things like motivation, development and outcome.


The old fashioned link works best. Also, it might be fun to include historical context as in what was the state of the world at the times you are talking about in England. I am having a hard time comprehending the period. For instance, referencing the fact that colonies existed reminded me I was understanding the situation wrong in certain ways. Love the podcast keep up the good work!


By the way, I seem to remember you now live in Madison? Listening to tHoR I would hear ambulance/police sirens in the background every now and then. Would that mean you live close to University/Gorham/Johnson? :)


Great stuff...but the site it not "intuitive" to me, hard to navigate around.

Also, someone should supply a few basic maps of England, Ireland & Scotland, primarily satellite views of land & water features, with towns and areas you mentioned designated.
Staring at the little triangle moving slowly across that little box, being timed down with a digital clock is a waste of visuals. I usually go get an old map of England and try to find
the towns you mention. History begins with geography. Your history of Rome with a map of the Med. was essential viewing while listening....IMHO.


Really enjoying the new episodes. Thanks Mike!!


Fine with the player but fine with the link as well. Nice to see you podcasting, Currently catching up by binge listening through the history of Rome

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