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29 September 2013


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Hi Mike.

What Zack said above: "Error: 404 Not Found"


Working now. Thanks.

Mike Duncan



Fixed. Cheers.


I'm loving this series! I'm particularly fascinated by the twisty turn-y shifting of alliances and allegiances during this entire period. Keep up the great work!

Matt (Netherlands)

Hi Mike, love the new series, up to par as usual!
Question related to the subjects you're gonna be covering: any chance of covering the Dutch Revolt (or 80 Years War)? It really is a fascinating period, and one with a happy ending ;)

Would love your take on it.


I can't find a way to control the volume and it is naturally quite loud. Is there something I'm missing?


I'm ridiculously excited about this podcast! I've missed my Sunday tradition of listening to you telling me something awesome I didn't know about history.

For a recommendation, there's a series I've loved from audible. "The Great Courses: The Other Side of History" goes into the ancient world and discusses the life of the common man, woman, soldier, and citizen, from the origins of agriculture to the height of Rome. It's a great listen to get a sense of what was going on for all those people who weren't hanging out with Cleopatra or with Caesar in the halls of power.

Keep up the great work!


Great to hear the new series
and welcome back to Audible.

Fascinating to hear something that's familiar to me, I can see St Giles and the castle where JamesVI/I was born from my work place.
One thing (and it's pronunciation again) in an otherwise excellent podcast
Traquair is pronounced more like Tra-q-where. It's excusable many Scots have problems getting it right too. There's a legend that states that the main gates at the house of Traquair will not be opened until a Stuart King demands entry, the events leading to this will probably a subject of a later podcast.


I'm so happy you're back! Thoroughly enjoying your new podcast. I'm curious - did Charles spend any of his childhood in Scotland? Not that would have made him any less tone deaf...


Charles was about 2 and a quarter when he left Scotland, so yes he did, but not enough to make any difference.


I think I'm hearing parallels between Charles and Obama...hmmm?

Grandpa D

Already #15 on iTunes, all podcasts. Nice start, Mike.

Jacob Bains

has anyone had inexplicable trouble playing episode 003 on their mobile devices, recently?

when released, it played just fine, but starting yesterday, it is a "ghost" (it loads through itunes, but otherwise does not play, then is blanked out). the device will play everything else.

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