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15 September 2013


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Welcome back to podcasting! Loved the History of Rome, been looking forward to this since you announced it, now I'm off to listen.


Very excited! Happy to have you back on my podcast feed, Mike :)


Mike I am so excited for this. You don't even know.


Hi Mike,

Love your work! I'm only a relatively recent listener of yours, just finished THoR the other day after seeing it referenced in a comments thread on /r/askhistorians but I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and can't wait to see what you do with your new topic.

Great first episode, keep up the good work!



Does anyone know the RSS for this podcast? I can't seem to find it.


Great to have you back Mike. Enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to being uptodate and not playing catch up like THoR. Thanks for all the time you put into these projects


Nevermind, I see it now. Happy to have one of your podcasts back in my life.....



Welcome home

Loaded question as you have just started but do you have any plans to cover the Irish 1916 Rising?

Once again, chuffed to see you back!

S Wilkinson123

Fantastic to here from you again Mike! I'm so happy that you've started the new podcast, the topic is so rich and varied, I can't wait for the next episode!

Only slight thing to say as a Scot is your pronunciation of Gaelic is a bit off, but I get that around the world that's generally how you say it, so I'll let you off :)

Again, welcome back!


Hell yeah! Good to have you back Mike. Love it :)


Welcome back. We all missed you. I can only say that I was somewhat disappointed that an episode starting on King Charles I didn't start with a Monty Python quote,"The most interesting thing about King Charles I is that he was 5'6'' tall at the start of his reign, but only 4'8'' tall at the end of it..."


I can't wait to listen!

Murat Sean


It's great to hear you're dolcet tones on my iPhone...

I do have some suggestions though...

Background! Background! Background!

If you could spend some time on what's going on in this time period that would be great! Status of England, Monarchic Structure, etc..



Here's hoping you do the Thirty Years War. If that wasn't a revolution, nothing is.
Been listening to the classic C.V. Wedgewood book on it at Audible, and reading Europe's Tragedy: the Thirty Years War (also confusingly titled 'The Thirty Years War Europe's Tragedy' in a different edition)by Peter H. Wilson, and it's now my second favorite period, after the Napoleonic (Vive l'Empreur!).

Good luck, and welcome back, Mike!



New live listener here, as I only discovered History of Rome a year ago and promptly devoured it in a few months. Great to see you back in the podcasting game, and this first episode was as good as ever.

Also, I'm pretty happy about the subject being "Revolutions", as I'm pretty much guaranteed to get one about my country (France), since we definitely had a good run there in the 18th/19th century...


Great Start! Do you intend to cover the Glorious Revolution? It actually brought about the big political changes!


Awesome episode! Any chance of an RSS feed and/or Soundcloud? It's difficult to play this in my mobile device. Thanks!


PS, you asked for comments on pronunciations, so here goes:

Great job on "Buckingham" and "Edinburgh"!. "Elizabethan" is usually pronounced "Eliza-BEE-than".


Answering my own question:

The RSS feed is at http://revolutionspodcast.libsyn.com/rss

Thanks, Mike!


Thus far, I'm on episode of 142 of THoR, but had to take a peek at Revolutions. Great start! Quick request, however. I listen through my Roku box. But, I can't rewind or fast forward your podcasts on it for THor or Revolutions. There was a lot going on on your first episode of Revolutions. I wanted to rewind a bit to better re-hear the details, but I could only re-start from the beginning. I listen to other podcasts through my Roku where I can rewind or fast forward, but I can't on yours. Maybe there is something you need to to setup in order for your listeners to rewind/fast forward easily. Thanks in advance for looking into this.


Great job and I am very happy to have you back. By the way did anyone look at Apple's Podcast Charts? http://www.apple.com/euro/itunes/charts/podcasts/top10podcasts.html

Wow. At the time of posting Mike is #1 in almost all of the English speaking world plus Ireland and Finland. Except for the USA (P3) and Canada (P2). Which if you look at the competition is pretty impressive. 100% deserved too! Keep up the good work!


Anyone know what the intro music is?


The Bibliography page tells us that the music is from Joseph Haydn's Oxford Symphony (No 92)

Rafael Antonio Cabrero

BigJ, another podcast. When Diplomacy Fails is doing a Thirty Years War series and is very well researched


Great to have you back, Mike. I hope Madison is treating you as well as it did me!

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