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15 September 2013


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I can't wait to start listening! But.... the link seems to be dead. It seems that there is an extra space after the .mp3. Removing the space makes the link work!

Amro Fagir

Welcome back. You were missed.

Luis Toro

Glad so see you back on my feed


So happy to hear your voice again. I don't know how I will like the 12 week podcast/ 4week break model as I had just caught up to the history of Rome one week before you finished, but in case I forget things from week to week I can just listen to the whole batch again during a break. Let's start this revolution!


I was not prepared for this, here I am on my third listen of THOR and then this comes along. This looks to be even better since you have all of that experience behind you from the beginning.


Really excited and so happy to hear the "Hello, and welcome..." again. For what it's worth from an amateur, the 12-weeks-on 4-weeks-off thing seems like the only way of doing it; otherwise, it'd be too hectic, and you'd risk a strange last few episodes if you tried to read up on a completely different time period/geographical location in the middle of writing that part of the show.

Also, although it might be unusual, I'm happy with it being called the English Revolution rather than the Civil War if it lets me learn more about something they skimped on in history lessons :D


So thrilled to hear this project come to life! I'm currently on Ep. 125 of THoR (first time through) and totally have you to thank for giving me an unquenchable thirst for history!


Great! I am currently about halfway through THOR and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am excited to see you are starting a new series!


When are you going to cover the Eastern European revolution of 476-1453?


Is there a reason this episode isn"t on iTunes?

Rob Carignan

And there was much rejoicing (yaaaaaay).

Rafael Antonio Cabrero

HE'S BAAAAACKK! Missed your voice since the removal of Romulus Augustulus, although I've gotten my dose of history from other podcasts including Robin Pierson and his History of Byzantium, or as i like to call it The History of Rome, The Next Generation, Englishman and all! Welcome back! Now when are you putting this podcast on Stitcher Radio? LOL

J. MIller

Ahhhh, Mike Duncan's voice in my ear buds at last! Glad you're back even though, sadly, Acoustic Picking 12 seems to be permanently retired. :-)


Welcome back.


He's back! Great to hear from you again Mike, I can't wait to dive into your new show. Thanks for feeding us!


Wow what timing, I'm a few episodes away from finishing my first run through of History of Rome.


I just finished listening to the History of Rome as I was driving home today, so this is great. Very much looking forward to it.

I started a semi-lengthy commute to work a year ago and after quickly tiring of sports talk radio I moved on to podcasts. I caught up on Sparks Nevada and also grew tired of the various "comedians who know each other sit around and talk shop" podcasts when I stumbled on various history podcasts. You set the bar, sir. Thank you for all that you do.

Chris O'Regan

Hi Mike, I'm really excited you're podcasting again, particularly with a topic that is possibly even more interesting to me than Ancient Rome.

Do you plan to cover the 1830 or 1848 French revolutions at all? What about the Paris Commune? I often feel these are overlooked in the popular consciousness.


He is Back!!
The best storyteller!
Greetings from Brazil.




Great to see you back on the air. And what a great topic to kick off the new show

Beth Brady

So great to have you back, Mike! I've been really looking forward to your new podcast, and this looks like a wonderful topic.


Wasn't here the first time around with Mike, but I listened to the whole Rome series over this summer. I hope I'll be around for the whole series this time!


I Also missed you
I am so happy to here you again :)
Are you on I tunes
I could not find you


Welcome Back Mike! So excited to hear the new podcasts!

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